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Refund Policy

Majority percent of our clients requests undergo with no hiccup. You set an order, we send, everybody's happy! From the slim chance you are one of those just lucky a rare percent which is experiencing difficulty, here is some advice on the refund policy and the way it works.

Step one is to speak to our service team!

Most issues could be solved using a very simple email. If you are experiencing difficulty, simply by just email and chat with us, we're here to help. As we receive a dialog going our service team is going to do whatever they could to guarantee you are happy. Some times meaning devoting a refund.

Reasons you won’t get a refund

If your own followers, enjoys or opinion count drops -- we'll refill it to you at no cost. Merely ask. You are account becomes suspended or material has been removed by the societal media (sorry but that happens sporadically and is outside our control). When you've opened an Dispute with pay pal or registered a charge back with your credit card company if you should be impolite or insulting into our service team -- we'll probably only completely Ignore you.

Reasons you will get the partial or full refund

we're unable to send your sequence as of difficulty using your own system. We're not able to deliver due to difficulty with your accounts or confusion about our services and products and delivery have never begun.